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Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing facts you can use

When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing, a little knowledge can be a huge asset. We know you have any questions concerning the service, and the facts you will find in this brief piece should help you immensely. If you think you might need this service or know that you do, we are here to help create an experience you can stand on, so read along now.

When you need hardwood refinishing

Hardwood refinishing is the process of removing layers of your wood flooring and all the damage and wear along with it. The wood is taken down to a fresh layer with no damage, which can then be restained and refinished to perfection. You can even choose to add a new stain color or finish type, if you prefer, based on trend changes or décor additions.

Sanding hardwood floors removes the years of wear and is the first significant procedure during this service. The process is finished when the final layer is added to your floors and everything has dried and cured. Before the new finish is added, the integrity of your materials is considered in case repairs might be needed.

You will need to keep everything off your newly finished floors for two to three days, keeping the temperature and humidity levels constant during this time. This will give you the results you desire, which will provide decades more life with a like-new appearance. When you are ready to discuss your refinishing needs, be sure to visit our showroom and speak with one of our service professionals at your convenience.



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