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Flooring installation


Your professional flooring installation matters

No matter which floor covering you choose, your flooring installation is likely to be the most crucial aspect of your experience. It ensures your investment is handled correctly, keeps your warranty intact, and creates a beautiful result, no matter how many flooring rooms. As important as your floor shopping experience is, your installation is just as necessary.

Take your flooring to the next level with an excellent installation

Professional installation is necessary because it puts your investment in good hands and gives you the results you have often dreamed of for your home's flooring. Professional technicians are trained, have years of experience, and come fully equipped to install your flooring perfectly the first time. What's more, you will never pay for more products than what is installed in your home.

Each floor covering requires a specific type of installation, and many special tools are necessary, especially with tile, hardwood, and carpet installation. These materials take longer to install, but the look and performance you will be left with are well worth the wait. Hardwood requires an additional acclimation period, which can last from one to three days, to ensure a proper balance of humidity before being installed.

Laminate, luxury vinyl, and sheet vinyl installation are much faster, and some can be completed in a single day. If a speedy installation is essential to you, these options are perfect for your schedule and offer a wealth of benefits. Be sure to speak with a flooring professional when you visit to determine your best flooring options.



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As a reputable flooring company in Pocatello, ID, Pocatello Flooring has everything you need for outstanding results, no matter how small or large the remodel. We cater to your requirements with free in-home estimates and next-day appointments and installations. In addition, our associates are dedicated to ensuring the perfect match for your needs and preferences, so be sure to speak with them while you are in the showroom.

From our Pocatello, ID showroom, we proudly serve residents from Pocatello, ID, Blackfoot, ID, Idaho Falls, ID, American Falls, ID, Lava Hot Springs, ID, and Fort Hall, ID, and we would love to help you find your perfect options as well. Visit our family-owned and operated business whenever you are in the area for a personalized experience that meets all your needs. We will make sure you get the flooring installation you need, so stop by any time.